Monday, June 05, 2006

The Birth of the Breast
That God Loves

A Prophetic Word From The Holy Ghost

"Come all ye who are burdened and
heavy laden and I will give you rest
unto your soul."

The Birth of the Breast That God Loves
and the child of God who has received
God's love to their breast.

Many times I the Lord God hath taken up
the cause of My beloved, when they have
cried out to Me.

From out of the mouth of the Lord unto
the breast of God's beloved one.

Call upon Me, saith the Lord God, and I
shall hear and respond to that one who
calls. Marvel not, for it is I the Lord
thy God who hears and answers every call.

Though a pathway may be filled with
overgrown brush along your way, I Am
He who brushes it aside as you go,
saith the Lord God.

Though the sounds of the nighttime
journey are fearsome and grow louder
along the way:

I Am He who quiets every sound and
calms every fearful sound.

I Am He who watches and guides.
I Am He who calls forth your peace.
I Am He who calms your fears.
I Am He who quells your storms.
I Am He who rushes in when you
are without a friend to stick
to you.

I Am He who forever loves you.
I Am He who must never place your
heart in the hands of any but God
Himself, for I Am He who guards
your heart.

I Am He who presses forth the
virtues within your breast.

I Am He who stills the storms.
I Am He who births your pain to
princely results, for if you can
endure the painful trials, then
you shall know that I alone
brought you through every trial.

I Am He who shall keep you in
all your ways. And I shall
forever keep your heart and mind,
when it is stayed on Me, saith
the Lord God of all.

Women of God! Good day to all.

In the Lord Jesus ~~
When we feel we are alone,
we are not.
When we feel strong, we are not.
When we feel weak, we are not.
When we feel sick, we are
but healed.
When we feel broke (poor),
we are not.
When we feel broken, we
are rich.
When we weep, our tears fall
not in vain.

When we feel --- Remember!

Ours is the breast that God
loves. Why?
Because our hearts are
wrapped up in Him.

Are you Born Again from
Above?! Then why not rest
in the Lord's love?
Be encouraged.
All is well, anyhow!

Praising God is my fulltime preoccupation.

Copyright (c) 2006. Rev. Lainie Dowell.
The Mountainside Ministries. Columbia, MD.
All rights reserved worldwide.
Received Thursday, June 1, 2006,4:42 P.M.

Praying as I go, because prayer is my fulltime preoccupation.


I am named by God to be ~

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-Wearer of the Mantle of The Office of Prophetess
-Wearer of the Iron Robe
-Silent Thunder
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-God's Emissary of War


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