Sunday, November 07, 2010

There At The Gate Awaits Golden Robes And Golden Crowns For All Who Run the Race With Patience


The Word of the Lord God!

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Many have heard what you heard and seen what you see but they have not had the temerity to dare to believe God Himself hath done it as you have.

Many are called but few are chosen and when they are handpicked by God, none is in the room but them and God --- Alone!

Three in One and the man and woman of God are the only ones to be in that room when God hands down His decrees and mandates and sets them in those who are chosen by God alone.

For if mankind does the choosing, then how could they place in the chosen that word of wisdom which strengthens and sustains them when mankind rejects them as being sent from God?

Many times I the Lord thy God hath risen early and sent forth My prophets in the land and the rebellious have killed them to shut up My word to the universe. No more shall it be that the voice of My prophets shall run and hide in fear of man. For when they go I, too, shall go in the lead and strike down every one who has stepped in the way of My truth, saith the Lord God of all the worlds and of all creation.

My hand has set upon the prophetess the seal of glory and upon her head is the crown of glory and in her hand is the sword of glory and in her heart is all that glory and honor can afford.

Walk with Me, saith the Lord thy God and there shall I speak of unspeakable and unknowable thoughts unlike those of any man. Thoughts and words from heaven have come upon the world's plain and, yet, the world's people have ignored the word of the Lord and have been a menace unto My beloved, saith the Lord God.

Walk and see if the prophetess hath not heard and believed.

Walk and see if God hath not lifted her above all walkers in the pathway to My kingdom, saith the Lord God.

Walk and see if God hath not said it.

Walk and see if God hath not written His words upon her heart and guided them through her spirit.

Walk and see if God hath not kept His promise to keep her from hurt, harm, and dangers known and unknown.

Walk and touch not My prophet neither do My servant no harm, saith the Lord.

Walk and be at the Throne Room of Glory when I ask the question. And the answers are already written in the Book of Life.

Walk and fully known that I the Lord thy God AM God alone.

Signed, JESUS!

Copyright (c) 2010 by Rev. Lainie Dowell.
All rights reserved worldwide.

Word Received Saturday, November 6, 2010, 9:53 a.m. EST

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Stirred In You

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Just as the sun peered across the horizon
and lightened up the view
I awakened and, with the coming dawn,
I stirred in You

Cupboards of heaven flooded the room
with blessings untold
and dispelled all gloom

all through the night
flickers of light caressed my face
and my soul
took flight

Then off from a distance
yet near to my ear
the Spirit whispered
oh so clear

I have stirred in you
one more new dawn
to see you through

Oh Beloved Daughter of My heart
stir in Me
and I'll do My part

Copyright (c) 2010 By Rev. Lainie Dowell.
All rights reserved worldwide.
Received Wednesday, May 26, 2010, 6:10 A.M. Est

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Artist's Shed

As I watched
And as I waited
I prayed.

"Can you not watch with Me one hour?"
The master said.

As I watched
And as I waited
I prayed.

Morning broke above the night.
All in the world was calm and bright.
Warm glow of firery earth cooled
in the daily birth.

Within the Artist's shed,
I looked and saw above His head.
All the angelic hosts bowed low.
In that place His train did flow.

I strained to view
The Master's face.

And as I watched
And as I waited
My Master turned!

The Hair upon His Head
The Love coming from His Chair
The Peace that met me there
The Joy that took my care
The Wealth of wonders
Far beyond compare.

Thank You, God,
For Your sustaining peace.
In the morning time
When all teardrops cease.

Make me to know Your Face.
The likes of not seen
In this place.

And may it be that moment
I have watched and waited for
From the time before I was born.

And may it be that moment
When my soul will no longer be alone.

Copyright (c) 2007 By Rev. Lainie Dowell.
All rights reserved worldwide.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And Then He Touched My Soul

"Who touched Me?" My Master said.

Twas I who reached out beyond the throng.
Twas I who some said did not belong.
Twas I who touched his hem that day.
Twas I who received His healing touch to stay.

Twas I who pressed my forlorn way
To reach beyond beyond.
Twas I who touched his hem one day.
But He touched Me more --
He touched my soul.

The Master came in and where He stood
The gaze of love emanated and
The rays of sunshine shone 'round about
And deep within His already brilliance.
And then He touched me.

The Master called me forth to Him
And lifted me up to His presence
And touched my welcoming soul.

In that moment that He touched me
He made my wounded soul whole.
He crushed my every weight
Under His beauteous feet.

And, now --
My Master and Lord
has made me complete.

In His touch and in His love
I swell with jubilance from above.
Such that this battle I will win --
He touches me and removes my deepest sin.

Strange and oh so wonderful is my love for
My God.


Because, in my flesh, I have nothing that God needs.
But, in His Spirit, I have everything that I need from God.
And He freely gives unto me out of His great store room
Whereby I can give unto you --
My beloved and oh so precious

And --
As our God has touched me --
I touch you with all of His sweet peace.

Copyright (c) 2007 By Rev. Lainie Dowell.
All rights reserved worldwide.

Only God! Only God!

Only God can write a poem
that will last beyond mere words,
grip the hearts, minds, and souls
of all those who happen upon them
and will make them their own.

Only God can give true meaning
to droplets of ink placed upon
parchment drawn from the hearts of those
who grip the instrument.

Only God can calm the restless spirit,
soothe the questioning mind,
hold the weary soul,
revive the worn out body.

Only God can grant solutions sought
and only mankind can seek them.

but if only they would earnestly embrace
the true value of blessings from God above
and jealously guard their faith to sustain them
in such times of trouble and sorrow.

Only God can grant solutions sought.
And only mankind can seek them.

"O God, You are my God; Early will I seek You."

Copyright (c) 2007 By Rev. Lainie Dowell.
All rights reserved worldwide.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Quiet Whisperings

Quiet whisperings in the depths of my soul
Overtake me with the glow of dawn
And awaken within my innermost heart
A deeper longing for the heart of God
Most dear

For 'twas God who dipped His finger
Into the chest of man
And withdrew it to create
An even greater plan

He withdrew that rib from
Adam's cage
And set it free
Upon life's page

God fashioned that bone
As Adam slept
And a womanly shape created He
Lest we forget

The Architect of my life spoke so clear
He created her soul
And beheld her dear
For nestled deep inside her breast
God tucked His own recipe for blessedness

A pinch of salt to confess her fault
A pint of blood her heart to flood
A quart of bone so she could stand alone
A gallon of love dispensed from above

A pinch of salt
A pint of blood
A quart of bone
A gallon of love
A woman of New Birth

Far removed from the stifling cage of man
And fashioned carefully by The Master's hand
Oh the specialness of God's plan
To place a woman in the land

Who could not know?
Who could not tell?

When Jesus sat to await her at the well
That date had been on hold
For God had placed something within
Much more precious than silver or gold

Yes, God's Salvation had come down to man
But He used a woman to dispense His plan

Why, you ask, could man not see --
Woman is God's secret plan
For Eternality

Copyright (c) 2007 By Rev. Lainie Dowell.
All rights reserved worldwide.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Wind The Clock

The floor of heaven has holes for kneeling
underneath the floorboards so that the souls
below could receive a residue of all the praises
that flow forth from the Throne Room.

There shall be a path.

And there shall be a path, saith the Lord.
And in the path of righteousness is laid a place
for all that sweet-smelling fragrance that wafts
from below the holes under the floor of heaven.

The holes are more than circles and squares,
for at the Throne of God the prayers that
go forth all the day are more than prayers.

For in the Lord's House are those that call
upon the Lord so much that their prayers
never have a chance to go through
a geometric design.

Those prayers go straight to
the Father's ear.
In that instant, He replies.

Want to know? [Yes, Lord.]

In that instant that prayer reaches
My ear, saith the Lord God, I turn in that
direction and -- Marvel not --
And then I look upon My Beloved and
find them looking up at Me.

Then I look into their soul and through their spirit.
Then I talk to them to let them know I have
heard their cries.

When I remove My hand, My touch is imprinted
and remains.
And, in that instant, I held up a blessing.
And I pressed it into My imprint upon that one
I touched.

Then I -- oh how I made room for that one
to take the burden and place it at My feet
where I sit and hear their cries.

Each time they call Me, saith the Lord,
I shall turn and press in to hear them.
Ah how I shall reach out and calm
all of their fears.

Then shall they know I the Lord thy God
hath done it and not another.

Wind the clock and watch the time remain
still until I the Lord hath released its stem.
It shall be still and it shall not move until
I tell it to, saith the Lord thy God, who
redeems the time.

And you shall surely know I the Lord thy God
hath done it, saith the Lord thy God.

Be ye settled in your mind --
For I have -- Ah --
heard and I have responded.

Copyright (c) 2007 By Rev. Lainie Dowell.
All rights reserved worldwide.

I Shall Have My Own Stream

If you would dare to block my way
to the shining riverbed
that is sparkling and bright blue,
then I will not push you aside from me
but this is what I shall do.

I shall look upward to the Rock of Ages,
the One who lives deep within my soul.
And though He abides high above the air,
I will turn neither this way nor that
while you stand right there and stare.

For, if you would try to block
the refreshing place that awaits my thirsting soul,
I shall cry and cry until my eyes
run dry every gathering stream to unfold.

And, after all of my teardrops abate
and not one more tear is left to drop,
I shall stand right there and wait
for each and every tear to stop.

And I know God shall send my own soothing stream
to carry me cross every blocked way.
Yea. God shall charter a stream for me
to meet up with His Son today.

And to that one who just asked, the Lord God says!
I calm your aching soul. Do not go the way of the crowd.
Every heart that sings forth My praises does not sing
with the ring of truth. They have sung out of tune lo
these many years and now they think their sour notes
are clear and on key. Keep oh keep your lips pressed
to My ear and fear not. When you pray. I hear.
You are not alone.

Copyright (c) 2007 By Rev. Lainie Dowell.
All rights reserved worldwide.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Am I Where I Was Going?

I smelled the depths of travel along many
Dusty highways, Faire.
Set out a long time ago to get somewhere.
Am I there?

If so -- I do not much like it!

Seasons watched and waited
As my halting footsteps plotted
The course all along the way.
Now here I sit to contemplate.
Am I there today?

When I was just a little child,
I emerged from inside to go outside to play
Along the streets of cobblestone.
Reflecting on days past in this clay.

Now in my own home,
While I sat there all alone.
Struggles refused to go away.
Yet, never once agreed to stray.

Followed me.
And 'til this very day
Reached out to touch
Me as I knelt down low to pray.

Sweetest memories of the trip?
Trials did win a prize.
Made me strong in my resolve
To arrive safe in my God's eyes.

Am I where I was going?

Only time will tell.
Blessed am I in all this world.
God saved me from this Hell.

Copyright (c) 2007 By Rev. Lainie Dowell.
All rights reserved worldwide.

Wintry Scenes Unfold

Revive us Oh Lord God.

Winter is harsh and dreer.
Washed with undercoats of snow.
Wet from crystals falling on earth.
Whether sun shines or whether winds blow.
Whether rain comes and the wintry night Remains --
God will keep us!

Beyond stark scenes of trees
Whose leaves are blown away
Where branches cause the trees to
Follow the wind.

March winds and April snows
Cleanse the earth.

Whisper it in the air
And it sails along unencumbered.

Winter forms the following scenes --

The heart that loves the warmth of summer.
The feet that can withstand cold.
The face with stalwart-ness to face the blinding snows of life.
The hands that have learned the secret of keeping warm by the fire.
The voice that is quieted by a sip of tea and honey.
The fullest of ever realm of The Holy Spirit.
The revival of God's handpicked.

The souls that delight themselves in Me, saith the Lord.
They shall be lifted at the hour of My appearing and tell it --

Cast it to the winds.
Cast it to the seas.
Cast it to the heavens above.
Cast it to the earth below.

Copyright (c) 2007 By Rev. Lainie Dowell.
All rights reserved worldwide.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Deep Whisperings


So Peaceful.

As the eventide that flows.
As the newly washed stones on the riverbank.
As the winter snow on a moonlit night.
As the rain falls softly outside the window.
As the sky waits unhurriedly for the clouds to appear.
As the stranger's heart delights in fellowship.
As the moss grows on a hillside.
As the ivy takes its time to climb over the garden gate.
As the Father's presence when He walks and talks with
His beloved child.

Fret not, My darling daughter, for every time you reach out
to My direction, I take your hand into My hand and lead you
away to a pleasant place to rest.

When once you become fused with power from My heart to your heart,
then I lead you away to a pleasant place to think.

Where once your thoughts were hazy and nothing could clear away
the fog, now you are able to comprehend.

Then I shall lead you away to a pleasant place to arise.

What you once thought impossible,
Now becomes possible.
Now becomes clearer.
Now becomes reachable.
Now becomes attainable.
Now becomes bearable.
Now becomes ---

Then I take your hand into My hand and, together,
we stroll.

Copyright (c) 2007. By Rev. Lainie Dowell.
All rights reserved worldwide.

Dreaming Myself Awake

Some dream of houses and land.
Some dream of cars and boats.
Some dream of health and wealth.
Some dream of beauty and votes.

I dream of a land filled with love.
I dream of a time of peace.
I dream of friendships that last.
I dream of a world where hopes outlast
dreams that remain unfulfilled.

I dream of little children and their tomorrows.
I dream of old friends who lived only today.
I dream of pets who sleep by the fire.
I dream of years when life was new.
I dream of yesterdays now gone far away.

I dream.
And then I wake up.

Thanks be to God, when I awaken from dreaming,
I still have faith in God to keep me in the midst
of life's realities that dreaming does not last,
but Godly purpose does.

Copyright (c) 2007. By Rev. Lainie Dowell.
All rights reserved worldwide.

My Heart Weeps After God's Heart Oh So Much

It does not matter to God that you might
think what you mean.
What He really asks is this.
Is your heart truly clean?

Hear Him call ---

I am He who can look beyond to see
if your heart is all that I created it to be.
That which I covered your tiny frame
and blew My breath in you,
in Jesus' name.

That would I find a precious life
worthy enough to reclaim?

That when I got down beyond
the dirty dirt,
would I be able to find true value
in the beauty of your birth?

It is I who placed inside your head
that brain.

'Twas I and not another name.

'Twas I who calibrated that heart to beat.
And, just before you left
My mercy seat,
I tucked inside it My widest smile
and watched you go, My child.

I knew you would find no peace,
except My stormy gates would cease.
But rail outside your door they must
If you are to learn how
to obediently trust.

That was when I heard My child's voice say,
Master, please let me stay.

Then, just to -- oh -- brighten your darkest day
and give you comfort all along the way,
I strung that silver cord tight enough
to hold you oh so close.

But slowly I released the reins
to set you free
to give
all glory to Me
and not boast.

Copyright (c) 2007. Rev. Lainie Dowell.
All rights reserved worldwide.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Evening And Day Had A Talk

Evening and Day got together and had a meeting.

Well, said evening, today what would you suppose would
happen if we decided to change roles?

So, if I shone in the day and you were to turn
off the light of day ---

Stop! said Day to Evening.
Don't you know who I am?
I Am made full of light, and in me is no dark spot.
So how then could we trade places with one another?
Besides, even if I could I would not,
for in you is no light, except that which man
has made -- that is -- artificial.

But in me is the true light.

Watch this.
Turn up the day and all in its path shall be bathed in light.
But turn up the evening and all in its path shall stumble.

If I changed places with you, said Day, then I would not be
able to get back the evening to you in the way you gave it
to me, because darkness is dispelled by light.

Tell you what, said Day, when you begin to ask God for --
Oh -- ask God for light, He will listen to see
if you really mean it.

And He would know, too.

And, if you are sincere,
then God will take away the dark of night and bathe you
in His light.

But do you suppose man would understand?

If God turned night into day to bathe all the earth in light,
then mankind would surely look and see their filthy stains.
Ah, how much would they be sorry?

Would they ask God to turn out the light, or
Would they ask Him to turn off the night forever?

May this find you with your face turned towards the face
of Him who is the Maker of all things,
with a look of adoration for being in His presence.

Would you consider that enough to have, or
Would you still feel you had to give up that time to go about
having evening do what evening does?

Copyright (c) 2005. Rev. Lainie Dowell.
All rights reserved worldwide.
Received Wednesday, August 3, 2005, 2:23 a.m. EST

O How Beautiful The Glass!

O how beautiful is the glass that hides the other side of glory.
The glowing fire beyond the torn curtain shines bright and
fuels the night.

The shades are drawn and yet light pours forth so that we
might catch a glimpse of bright hopes and better days.

It is no secret.

The mist from dewy sprays from the inner rims surround
the outer edges of that glow and hides the other side
of glory.

The etched designs of beauteous scenes flood my soul
to give rise to the expectations from within my spirit
that arises to help me to look and see beyond the veil
and the deep that calls to deep.

How beautiful!
How precious!
How marvelous!
How anointed!
How righteous!
How peaceful!
How blessed!
How quiet!
How bright!

How wonderous is the sight!

Timelessness descended in the midst of heaven and earth.
It overshadowed me totally.
The moment was oh so pure and holy.

Time spoke.

Come, My child, and let Me lift you above the sill
that stands beneath the looking glass of glory
and above the earth.

You see?!
It is not always dim, as you would suppose.
You need to have the faith that eyesight alone
cannot see.

The view was so clear from where I stood.
I could not look away.
I could not turn my back.
The glass drew me in.

And I went.

"For we see through a glass darkly, but then . . . ."
Even so, Come Lord Jesus. Amen.

Copyright (c) 2006. Rev. Lainie Dowell.
All rights reserved worldwide.
Received Tuesday, September 5, 2006, 2:52 a.m. EST

God Threads The Needle

I thread the needle, says the Lord.

You are the needle and My Word is that thread
that is interwoven among the throng
where you preach.

Everywhere it settles,
there is a place for the torn fabric of life
to be repaired.

Soften up the thread
with the heart of God.

Let Me show you how.

Take the thread into your hands
and turn to the page where

it is written --

"Let us go into the house of God,"

and see what Word He has dispensed.

Then take that and let it be the
sample message.

And I will tell you more later,
says the Lord God of all. Amen.

Copyright (c) 2009 By Rev. Lainie Dowell.
All rights reserved worldwide.
Received November 26, 2009, 8:16 a.m. EST

Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Blessedness of the Kingdom
And The Blessed of God

When in the course of rich and whining children,
make no provision, for their treasure shall
become yours.

Say not to them, "Please may I?"
For it is already done.
And none can ever skip merrily by and leave
you penniless.

All the matter is settled in heaven by
their greed and contentiousness.

Never doubt My Word, saith the Lord.
And do not despair in the face of plenty
when your plate is empty.

Cause not the moment to embitter your
soul while the blaze of jealousy seeks
to enter therein.

Deny not the Lord thy God in the
moment of weakness.

Content not thyself with the foolishness
of this world and I shall fill up your
coffers to overflow and ignite the very
desires of your heart once again.

Hold steady.
Faint not.
Encourage thyself.
Laugh in the midst of despair,
for laughter shall see you and propel
you beyond that which ceased to be
funny before you even began to smile.


The Lord thy God hath spoken in the
midst of nothingness and He has
brought into your life plenty.

Go your way today and see if it is
not so.

For it is in Jesus' name that I have
called it forth and it is sealed by
My hand, saith the Lord, against
any force which seeks to keep
it from your door.

And so it is.
And it is so.


Copyright (c) 2008 Rev. Lainie Dowell.
Received Friday, February 1, 2008, 12:54 p.m.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Take a walk with Me by the side of this ocean.
Gaze upon the rippling waves with the ocean's
spraying forth the whole Word in their spray.

The walk in the midst of the falling rain.

Dear Lord, What is it like to walk in the falling
rain with You?

There is a time to seek shelter.
And, then, there is a time to move out with
abandon to go forth in the rain.

In times of the down pour, sprinkling seems like a relief.
The down pour brings with it the soaking to the bone.

Clothes stick to your body.
Hair sticks to your body.
Raindrops refuse to let go of you.

All the while, you know there is a shelter from the
storms of life.

And, all the while, you seem unable to reach that shelter
in time to not get drenched.

That would be true, if you did not have the One who
covers your being, totally.

So, when it pours, LET IT!

When the rains refuse to cease,
And the sun hides behind the clouds.
And when the evening would --
Oh would -- bring no relief to the day.
Come unto Me, saith the Lord!
And I will cover you in the shelter of
My arms.

Wet and worn from the stormy day.
Comforted in the midst of down pouring rain.
And, in that very moment --

The rain disappears.
The skin is dry once more.
The hair is back in place.
The warm sun shines on into the night
And moves aside the cold light of the moon.

And, in those worst of times?
Would you like to know why?
Yes, Lord. Please tell me why that is.

Well, My darling daughter!
That is because I had the sun within the palm
of one hand and I held you in the other.

And, when I put both hands together
The sun enveloped you fully.
And all of the artificial light took on new life
And carried you along in the streams of a
brand new formed day just for you.

Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.

Well, My child, carry the light where you go
and rest in it when the rains begin to pour.
And fret no more.

For it is all in My hands.
And you are, too.

Your Heavenly Father, Jesus.

Copyright (c) 2007 Rev. Lainie Dowell.
The Mountainside Ministries. All rights reserved worldwide.


Follow Me home in the crest of the wave
where the eb and flow goes to the undersea

Follow Me home in the bend of the road
where the highway curves and takes up your
heavy load

Follow Me home in the salty sea air
where the mist from the River clings to the blue sky

Follow Me home in the rugged hill
where the clouds drift near to the quiet peak
and lie peaceful and still

Follow Me home in the dead of night
where the darkness gives way to
My brightest bright light

Copyright (c) 2007 Rev. Lainie Dowell.
The Mountainside Ministries. All rights reserved worldwide.


Mint green whispers of summer air fill the spaces that left
me a long time ago with the winter winds.

And, when my ear turned to listen to the whispering breezes,
a kiss lightly touched my lobe and moved swiftly along.

Before it left, where it landed, there remained the imprint
of summer branches before fall.

Melancholia draped the air all around me where once
summer leaves were hanging there.

Mint green whispers of summer air, please come to me
again, when the trees are bare.

Have you gotten to the point when a sniff in the air and a
breeze brushed by almost unnoticed - not just any old
breeze, but one with a special whiff?!

And has it ever taken you back to a place in time that you
had forgotten ever existed?

Like in childhood?
And as in school days?
To a time when life was forward looking and filled
with wondering about what life would bring
and how long it would take to receive it?

Copyright (c) 2007 Rev. Lainie Dowell.
The Mountainside Ministries. All rights reserved worldwide.


Go to the Wind and listen, for if you listen there,
the breath of the forest shall speak with you
and he shall whisper all the lost echoes of
days long past, when trees were lush and green
and the leaves refused to fall until the earth
called up to them --- It is time

Once again time and season both respond --

Yes, Fall leaves
make way for new growth
for time awaits
and season changes its ways
and the trees creak and groan
and fall asleep until the sun
returns to its place once more
in time

How lovely the ocean waves and
peacefully wanders through endless
valleys and vales where rivers and streams
converge and lakes emerge anew

All without so much as a ripple in
the timeless days of wonder

And, in awe, fulfillment of promises
made long ago at the edge of life
begin to take shape and come forth

The breath of the forest knows
oh how well each creature that
scampers and scurries about on
its way upon the mossy banks
and scale the mountain that
overlooks all of it even spread out
across distant lands full of high
boulders and hidden places

Copyright (c) 2007 Rev. Lainie Dowell
The Mountainside Ministries. All rights reserved worldwide.


A Whisper is as soft as a feather floating along on the wings of a dove.
A Whisper is as inaudible as a breath that is quietly slipping away.
A Whisper is as gentle as a breeze swaying on a bright summer's day.
A Whisper is as calm as a leaf rustling on a tree beneath the Fall sky.
A Whisper is as heartfelt as a newborn hand touching your breast.
A Whisper is as smooth as river rock peeking through a babbling brook.
A Whisper is as intimate as a bird nestling on top of a lonely branch.
A Whisper is as intense as a flame glowing from the sunshine.
A Whisper is as peaceful as sailing along on a silent ocean.
A Whisper is as loud as your aching heart can believe.
A Whisper is as quiet as a snowfall in the middle of the night.
A Whisper is as strong as a thousand oaks that stretch to heaven.
A Whisper is as silent as a cat stalking its unsuspecting prey.
A Whisper is as sacred as the heart that knows you best of all.

Copyright (c) 2007 Rev. Lainie Dowell. The Mountainside Ministries.
All rights reserved worldwide.


I will point out the footprints
pressed down in the winter snow.
And I will ask the stars that come out at night
to tell me which way to go.

I will look for You beside the footprints
pressed down in the winter snow.

I will look up at the moon light
glowing through the trees.
I will look up at the beauteous leaves
and watch them as they fall.
And listen as they touch the earth
to hear each name they call.

I will search for You among
the golden leaves of Fall.

I will look for You by the oceanside
and listen to each eb and flow of the tide
wherein they shall surge forth.
Surely, the tide would let me know.
Shall I travel north?

I will wait for You there
along the sands of time.

I will whisper for You in the
silence of my soul
and listen to hear Your answer
to my spirit --


I will reach for You even as
the sunlight hides its face.
And I will come sit by You
at Your majestic Throne of grace.

And ---

When this earthly realm
can no longer speak to me,
then I will look for You, oh Lord,
my comforter still to be.

Copyright (c) 2007 By Rev. Lainie Dowell.
The Mountainside Ministries. All rights reserved worldwide.


Lord, What is a whisper?

The whisper is a sound.
At the moment you hear it and turn to look around
it is all too late
for that sound has moved on into the air.

Would you like to hear it?
Yes, Lord!

The moment the whisper has reached your ear,
it's job is done.

It tugs at your heart like a little child tugs
at your skirttails.

It takes hold and won't let go until you take it up
to your breast and hold it close.

It is where your ears meet up with My mouth.
In that moment.
In that one moment.
In that precious moment is when we meet in
Spirit and commune one with another.

Then ---

Forever the sound of a whisper drifts into your mind
and releases a sound in season

Then ---

We, We, We, Meet in the moment
where whispers drift.

Copyright (c) 2007. Rev. Lainie Dowell.
The Mountainside Ministries. All rights reserved worldwide.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Do Not Speak to Me On a Cloudy Day

Do not speak to me on a cloudy day
for it shall ne'er suffice
Tis when the sun goes away
I long for Paradise

Do not engage me in small talk
for such flowing words I shall but dismiss
My soul hungers all the more to walk
and talk with the One who speaks bliss

Do not ramble on in my hearing so
for it only reaches my head
when all the time my soul cries out
reach inside and touch my heart instead

Do not clothe me with gilded-lily terms
for tis then I feel unclothed and
my nakedness becomes most profound
when my spirit for His Spirit yearns

Do not speak to me on a cloudy day
for I cannot hear a word that you say
Rather bring to me your silence
clasp my hand as you pass my way

Do not your voice employ
for no words shall e'er lift up my soul
beyond this cloudless day

Save -----

the heartfelt melodious tomes
the precious spirited verse
the sweet savor of bright sunshine
the lily and the rose
the lamb and the blood
O my soul would be lost

For tis that voice of voices
my soul longs to hear
so far beyond the veil
on a cloudy day

There where the sunshine
hides its face in shame
There where the Son of God is
the Voice of voices speaks my name

Copyright (c) 2007 Rev. Lainie Dowell
The Mountainside Ministries. All rights reserved worldwide.

The Snowfall of God in the Earth

Lord? How does the snow falling to the earth sound?

In the earth, cold crystals descend from above the earth.
The weather is a symbol for the way the Lord Jesus will come.

In the summertime -- The weather is so hot.
In the springtime -- The weather is moderate.
In the autumn -- The weather is so beautiful.
In the wintertime -- Frosty weather calls forth the other
effects of the cold.

Then there is never any doubt that God has provided every
contingency to meet our needs.

Then it would be evident that man must have shelter,
and the shelter must be strong.

The stronger that shelter --
The firmer you would be sustained against every element
whether hot, warm, or cold.

In the time of the Lord's return, no one knows the forecast
but the Father in Heaven.

Oh but when He speaks to call it forth --
The Lord shall break through whatever that may be.

Fog, drizzle, hazy, wet, dry, damp, hurricane, tornado,
and even cold snow.

For, when He appears --
Every windy gale shall move aside.
Every hardened --
Every month of the year shall become one.
Every day and every hour shall become one in
the same instant.

And, in the time of the snowfall.
And, in the time of the snowfall.
And in the time of the snowfall.

There and then.
Then and there would it be ---

So fluffy.
So light.
So --- snow.
So shall it snow.
So shall it be.

Copyright (c) 2007 Rev. Lainie Dowell.
The Mountainside Ministries. All rights reserved worldwide.

Morning Dreams Give Way to a Visitation From the Lord God

When words are inadequate, how do I express my deep love
for you that is deeper than all the loves you have placed in my life?

That question is not with a reply.
That question is not without a reply.

There are answers that are not known to human hearts.
The language of God is known only to that heart that seeks God
and listens for His voice.

Then whenever the call is heard in God's ear --
It is translated by Spirit.

That translation is within the realm of Spirit, but is unknown to
the best proficient linguist on earth.

The language of God's love is without any comparison.
The Master of all knows the heart of all.
The heart that searches after God's heart shall find it.
The heart after God's own heart is without any passiveness.

That means that heart leaves no time between seeking
receiving of God's own heart.

That heart is aggressively searching after God.

It leaves no stone unturned to get to Him.
It uncovers every leaf.
It uncovers every stone.

It uncovers every encumbrance and sin that would keep
God's Spirit from touching them and placing in them all
of His love.

If God has, with all of His power, placed it in your heart to love,
Then that is the beginning of your placing that love in the
petition to God.

And all of the love of God will meet up with that love.
And it would leave you speechless.

There would be no words to express what is inexpressible.
But, it is God alone who translates and responds to that
overwhelming love that overtakes your heart and
encompasses your mind and blocks out all knowledge
of words either human or spiritual.

Copyright (c) 2007 Rev. Lainie Dowell.
The Mountainside Ministries. All rights reserved worldwide.

Solitude in Sunshine and Moonlight

If I could make the sun that shines come down and rest here
in my hand, Lord, who would understand?

Would any take notice that the brilliance glowing from my eye
had taken leave and left the sky?

Would any know that God had abundantly shined forth his rays
on such a wretch as I?

Would the moon take delight and forget to shine all
through the pitch black night?

Dare I call forth angelic hosts from heaven and intercept
them in their flight?

Would that the earth call to the mountain to slide into the sea
and leave room enough for all mankind to watch as there I cleave.

Oh, heavenly host upon that mount from where I entered therein,
Caused my soul to turn away from this old world of woe and sin.

For, I shall return that sun to shine and that moon to glow
with eternal joy and thankfulness to Him who loved me so.

Call the sun to move in space before daylight appears
and come down to keep me safe from all my doubts and fears.

Would the Shepherd of my soul so long for all my tears
not look over and be the everlasting comfort of these
my weary years?

To lift my heart from the dungeon's door and rest my soul
by mercy's shore

With eternal joy and peace inside His heart therein
shall my soul abide.

Copyright (c) 2007 Rev. Lainie Dowell
The Mountainside Ministries. All rights reserved worldwide.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Leaves of Seasons Past

Leaves from
Fell like a flock of geese
Across the air

They soared in one direction
And took along with them
My eyes

For I see them

Waiting I suppose for
To call for them to follow
Where the Wind blows

Calls for them to
Meet up with falling

Copyright (c) 2010. Rev. Lainie Dowell.
The Mountainside Ministries. All rights reserved worldwide.
Received Sunday, March 21, 2010, 2:00 p.m.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Lord's Solitude Is Good

Sometimes you can't tell a rabbit from a hare.
Sometimes you can't tell a turtle from a tortoise.
But, you can always tell a sheep from a goat.

Very telling is it not?

How red and white and black and yellow
have not yet learned to come together as
a community, but they can all rush to
assemble as a mob?

If I close my mind and open my eyes,
I will still be blind and not see.

Norms have a way of settling what is
and what is not appropriate for a society,
which claims to be civilized.

If I close my mind and open my mouth,
I will still be unable to utter a
sound statement.

Am I imprisoned by my own skin?
Locked into the confines of the past?
Pressed by today?
Pushed by yesterday?
Pulled by tomorrow?

Lord? Must breakout wait for yet another day?

Copyright (c) 2010 By Rev. Lainie Dowell.
The Mountainside Ministries. All rights reserved worldwide.
Received Saturday, January 16, 2010, 2:41 p.m.

Underneath the Bridge Lies the Secrets of Life

Where there is a clear path,
the future looms ahead.
Where there is a muddled path,
the past has caught up with you
and overtaken you.

How can you say there is no path,
when your steps have not yet met
the walkway?

Underneath the bridge lies the
secrets of life.

But you have to stoop low enough
to cross underneath without letting
your chin touch the ground.

Sparks ignite.
Days are bright.
What a sight.
God's sheer delight.

Copyright (c) 2009 by Rev. Lainie Dowell
The Mountainside Ministries. All rights reserved worldwide.
Received Wednesday, December 21, 2009, 5:00 a.m.

Drifting Clouds Make Me Smile Wide

Frankly, they are so beautiful, the clouds.

When I catch a glimpse of their whiteness
skipping above the clear blueness of the sky,
drifting clouds make me smile wide,
whenever I see them pass by.

Jesus, please leave room for me by you
so that I might sit there
and weep, too.

For this road I trod has gone far ahead,
and the climb is oh so steep.
And, if I remain on the go,
this world's fate I will also reap.

Why should we have memories,
when we forget to remember?

Drag out the broom and sweep out this room.
And, then, put the broom far away.
For the room is no more --
And we must not stay.

Gone to wash off the soot and grime.
But, look for me when I come back
again in time.

Gather up these remains from yesterday
and gently tuck them safely away.
Those who are about to come along
will need us all one day.

Past the edges of time just beyond my window sill,
this aged woman strode by me.
I saw her from out of the corner of my eye,
but me she could not see.

She was looking through my eyes.
For, sad to say, I was she, you see.

Copyright (c) 2010. By Rev. Lainie Dowell.
The Mountainside Ministries. All rights reserved worldwide.
Received January 2, 2010, 5:54 a.m.

The Rose Had A Thorn

Silent Whisperings . . . .

The girl had a rose.

It came from a lover.

He lived down the lane.

But, when He came to town,

He stopped to buy a rose.

One rose for one girl, the lover had with him.

And there in His hand, He came with one rose


The rose had a thorn.

But it was not sharp.

The edge was blunt.

It did no harm.

No blood was shed.

All He had was the rose with a thorn.

All she had was the rose when He was gone.

And, when He left, was when the One thorn

pricked her breast.

Copyright (c) 2010. By Rev. Lainie Dowell.
The Mountainside Ministries. All rights reserved worldwide.
Received Sunday, January 2, 2010, 5:53 a.m.

Praying as I go, because prayer is my fulltime preoccupation.


I am named by God to be ~

-Five-Fold Minister
-Wearer of the Mantle of The Office of Prophetess
-Wearer of the Iron Robe
-Silent Thunder
-God's Warrior Woman
-God's Emissary of War


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