Monday, October 25, 2004

Silent and Full of Power

"The Sound of Silence," is the title of a song written and sung
by Paul Simon along with his friend, Garfunkel, in 1964.

I wonder if Paul has come to the realization of just how prophetic
and significant those words were then as now?
Does he know that God placed that stirring in his heart to explore?
Here are links to the lyrics of the song.
Take a close look and listen in the silence.

The words, "sound of silence," just came to mind and made me wonder,
"How does silence sound?" So, I went to my primary source, the Holy Spirit,
and asked Him, "Lord? How does silence sound?" And I silently listened
when He responded, as follows:

The men who sang that song such a long time ago had no idea,
but they sought to know.

Then it was written in the wind and carried in the ages.

Such is the nature of God.
Though man does not know a thing when God responds to answer,
they believe they have received it even before My ears have.

Then in their wormy minds, they release a word at their timing
instead of My timing.

Such is the way of mankind.
Even if I called out for them to come sup with Me in the evening,
they would have another engagement to attend.

Such is the way of mankind.

The Word of the Lord God of All!

Silence sounds like a breeze that gently blows in the evening

when there is no sun.
It is where you will find Me.

It is where you will run to hear all I have to say in the moment
when nothing else is being said in the earth.
And silence, My dear heart of God, silence is in the ---
among oh so few who fully takes time to be still to hear.

Where silence.
Where silence is!
There I the Lord God Am.
The Word of the Lord God unto you.
The silent voices will be filled with all of the fulness of My voice

to speak in the midst of so much noise in the land.

Silent no more shall be their call. The end. Amen.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

A Sacred Flood of Forever Blood

We put Him in the ground, but He was not made of dirt.
We shamed the earth, because we are dirty.

Never had such a man stepped upon this road of life that
we call human who was human and who was, is, and
forevermore shall be God.

Never would we know Him as He is known,
because we rejected what He came to give and not sell.

I wonder if we knew we could never, ever meet the price?

How thankless!
To give hate for love and death for life, and
To neither open our eyes
to look and see nor our ears
To listen and hear.

I wonder if we could have heard--
Would we have heard?

Wretched is far too kind a word, as we decay daily having
failed to reach out beyond ourselves for our own selfish need
to install a heavenly king on a crumbling earthly throne.

We put Him in the ground, but he was without sin and blameless.
We watched as He was dragged all through life.
We stood aside lest we would be noticed and called to take His place.

I wonder if we even knew none but He could pay our debt?
I wonder if we knew or have ever known we had a debt?

Jesus paid the price. "How nice," I thought I heard you say.
I wonder if we understood the cost until this very day?

Gracious God, My Lord,
shall I get a mop to wipe the blood away?

"Oh no, my darling child.
That blood is
there to stay."

Friday, October 22, 2004

Touch Heaven With Me!

I no longer seek to know what makes life live,
for I now know the Giver of life

I no longer lay awake to ponder whether my soul
is saved from hell,
for I know Jesus and He knows me well

I no longer search for heaven,
for I have seen the face of God and heaven
is burned in my feeble eyes

I no longer concern myself with mere human details,
for I have seen the deep things of God and travelled
deeper into mysteries unknown either in heaven,
hell, or on earth

I no longer hide my faith from the light of day,
for God knows my heart in the dark of night

I no longer cease to hear faint whispers,
for when I listen, God's voice is clear

I no longer fear what lay ahead,
for come what may, my God is there

I no longer hold my heart in check,
for when I release my heart to fly,
it soars with the angels.

I no longer count my woes,
for in Christ "I have learned to be content
in whatsoever state I find myself (in Him)"

I no longer hold this peace that floods my soul
to overflow,
for I thank God it has some place to go

Peace ~
God's warmth floods my soul and fills this cavity
that encases my heart such that it must expand
in order
to keep from bursting my frail breast

Sheer Joy ~ Perfection hithertofore unknown
upon this earth
until God's hand touches your soul and draws out
every sin
through the blood of Jesus

Touch heaven with me, for heaven has touched me.

Friendships In the Face of God

They come along in the piteous moments best left unsaid where those who seek to draw near do so not for their own gratification or self-aggrandizement.

They come not often, but they do not have to, for their lingering impression lasts as long as life itself far and away after they have turned and left your side.

They come to walk after the call of God that meets up with their spirit and turns them to walk in the direction of the Lord's pull. And they do not hesitate to obey to go in that direction of the Lord's pull to walk alongside a sinking soul.

They hurriedly come down the knee-way before their feet hit the highway.

They come out of the bleeding heart of God to cover all failing hearts that need His eternal love. And, if they find a heart is missing, there will they place their own heart and there God's love to impart.

They come up out of vain selfishness delivered by God to give selflessly to others whose lost self is missing and cannot be found of itself.

They come by the grace of God alone to hope all things, endure all things, love always, forgive and, prayerfully, to even forget all those things left behind for the Lord's strength to keep them pressing on toward the mark of the high call of God in Christ Jesus.

They come with no agendas, hidden or otherwise, but only to supply what God knows another needs and, then, to quickly slip back into the dusk of day to pray God's blessings were greeted with a heart of thanksgiving and praise to the Giver of every good and perfect gift.

They come to bless, lift, heal, support, listen, wait, embrace, hold, and to lovingly dispense life-giving hope in Christ for all times of trouble and joy.

They come not of their own volition but upon hearing the voice of the Lord in His own perfect timing such that none could so lightly dismiss it as irony or coincidence or coming from out of one's own puny mind.

come, Lord Jesus, and walk me to the heart of a brand new friend today, my prayer shall forever be. For I know my Savior hears my call. And I thank Him for meeting you one and all.

This heartfelt prayer is dedicated to all strong warrior women whose adversities of life have strengthened and emboldened them and not embittered them whose God is the Lord. May you receive it in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Beautiful Lord's Prayer in Cherokee

Hairsodark has a blessed site. Read on and go visit.

There is always light and peace around us even in the midst of all of these dark days.

The siteowner (Hairsodark, a friend) sent me this prayer and I send it on to you. Please hear it (if your heart can stand it). Be refreshed.

Here is the link to this beautiful Cherokee Lord's Prayer
Site: "Katherine's Whispers of the Heart"

Note: Hairsodark tells me the Irish Prayer of Roma meets up beautifully with the words to the Cherokee Lord's Prayer.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Lord, Awaken My Senses Anew

Lord, awaken my senses anew that had long since been smothered by generational, traditional, functional, and nonsensical whims of humankind. Heighten the depth of Your mysteries that linger near to the surface of my frailness. Plunge the harshness of sin from my soul. Flush the scent of flesh from my spirit. Gather the smallness of my body unto Your greatness.

O Holy Spirit, it is my soul that longs for refreshment. That calls out for Your presence. That searches to see Your face. That longs to hear Your voice. That watches to keep watch. That knows You alone are God. That seeks to know none other but You.

And, Lord, O Lord.

How can I get past those whose minds have been filled with knowledge from books written by men and women who, themselves, read those books and forgot they had adopted those words which were not dispensed by Your mouth to their ears? So many minds are delving into the deepness of life and every now and then come up with gems yet to be unearthed. Ah! Well. But if those gems were that sturdy, then where would the need be to unearth more?

Grant it, Lord God. May the universe open up wide and unleash the fresh fragrances of that supernatural(ness) that comes from You alone. O may my spirit unite with like spirits to glorify You in the midst of dark times. May that unity uplift us such that when we are turned aside from praising You before the masses even they would be lifted just through close proximity to us. Let them come! Let them draw nigh! Let them come one way and go back another, Lord. Send them. Bring them. Run them into our direction so that we can turn them to Your presence and Your salvation.

Rejoice our hearts, dear Lord. Calm our weariness when none wants to hear about You. Break forth the new newness upon us. O Lord. Shine. Shine. Shine. all in our souls. In Jesus's name. AMEN.

Copyright (c) 2004. Rev. Rev. Lainie Dowell.
The Mountainside Ministries. All rights reserved worldwide.

Hold My Heart Not My Hand

If I told you my heart was too heavy to bear the weight
of the Lord's love,

Would you lead me to the clift's edge
and invite me to jump off the high precipice?

Would you lead me to the riverbed
and shove me into the flowing water?

Would you lead me to the preacher(man)
and beg (him) to cover my head with oil?

Would you lead me to the road's end
and force me to find my own way back?

Would you lead me to the church steeple
and impale me there on the spot?

Would you lead me by the hand
and follow in the footsteps of Jesus or man?

Would you know how heavy my heart would be,
should you fail to so lead me?

Would you hold my heart not my hand
for it shall lead us to that good land.

Go Yell It From the Mountain!

Settling down for the evening. But then I have been settled all day long. Listening. Waiting. Yearning.

How can anybody in this world live as if they were their all in all??? How can people live as though their life was going to go on forever and ever Amen? How do people live as if this earth will never receive their dead body into the earth? How can people wake and walk and work with ease? LORD?! Please, Lord, tell me how?

Human Preachers who walk close to God are content to know that He is with them and that only He matters. Worshipping God is not just for one special day in church. Each day in and day out that God sends is His special day. I don't want to talk about bills and pills and ills and politics. I just want to know Jesus. And, if nobody else can understand that, then that is their problem. But I can help them to solve it.

After all is said and done on this earth, every one of these blogs and websites and journals and friendships will go the way of all things back to God who gave them. All so-called wisdom, knowledge, understanding, smarts, and brains will come to nought for breath shall surely breathe its last. And, then who will continue that work that is left behind? People sure do have a short memory --- "out of sight, out of mind" is a truism that rings true for people who know not God's truth.

Lord, I've got to go yell it from the mountainside! Listen up people!

You will never have the last say about anything. God's say is the first, last, and eternal say over all that is said. He is the Comforter in all situations. Do you need a shoulder to cry on? Need a hand to hold onto? Need an ear to tell your troubles to? Need a word to lift you? Need a heart to love you? Need a Savior? In Him there is no need that shall remain untouched. My heart is set firmly in the Lord's heart. My mind is lost in Him. My spirit is lifted through His. My soul is blessed by Him. My life is lived all to the glory of God. I seek no followers for myself. I, myself, am a follower of the Lamb Jesus. Looking for something but don't know what? You need Jesus Christ. He is waiting for you.

I've got to go and yell it from over on that mountainside ----
Come on over and follow me as I follow Jesus! He will never lead us wrong. And, as for me, I am sold out for Him in life and death. So, let this old sin-sick world carry on, if they must. Let them turn a deaf ear. Let them keep their blinded eyes. Let them snicker, sneer, mock, taunt, and isolate me. God knows I tried!

My Pledge Unto The Lord

Upon awakening this morning, I heard thus in my spirit (5:43 a.m. EST)

All kinds of feasts, fasts, festivals are offered up in My name, saith the Lord. And yet I am not invited to partake. I am not consulted about either the time or format or place. My ears are tuned to their mouths but their hearts are not in tune with My heart.Lives are lifeless without My Spirit. But life proceeds day in and day out as though life, alone, is its own reward. I am not there in the midst of the gaiety and festivities. I watch from afar and do not draw near to their false light -- fakery -- trickery -- deception. I have called out to them to turn aside from such wicked deeds. Instead, they have turned aside from My voice, saith the Lord. All who have heard My call and let me fine tune their ears to My frequency shall call and receive My invitation to come. Call and I shall answer that call. What is the call, you ask?

Father of my breath and my birth who lives eternal in the heavens, hear and forgive my clay mind that seeks to know its own will and not thine upon earth and above heavenly places. Draw nigh unto me, Lord God, and relieve this longing deep in my soul that flesh and blood cannot satisfy. Give to me out of thine own Spirit that life that satisfies my sinful soul to heal it and restore it to perfection in thine own eyes alone. Call and come, Lord, and I shall hear and be still to listen. Speak, Lord, and I shall tune my heart to thy mouth and obey thy commands. Keep my soul, dear God, in the calm of Your presence. Yes Lord and Amen shall forever my answer be.

My Heart Cries But My Eyes Are Dry!

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Spiritual hearts unite in spirit where unseen forces gather far from earth yet near to us who live on the earth.

God of all creation, I am watching the downfall of all that is decent and
honest and Godly.

My heart cries but my eyes are dry!
There is no more moisture to squeeze from between my eyelids.

Why cry for this decaying plane?
Why weep for those who love their wickedness all the same?

You wept on their behalf and they rejected even Your tear.
Your heart broke because of their stiff necks and they still refused to stop to hear.

Greater poets have tried to recapture that moment of pain and set it in stone for those who remain to have as an example of what not to do when You stop by.

But others have come by,
picked up the stones,
and flung them into the far outer reaches
of space and sky.

My heart cries but my eyes are dry!
My heart cannot retrieve the stones.
But their contents continue to flood the earth and wash over this,
Thy servant, alone, even from her birth.

Yet and still my heart cries, but my eyes are dry!

Copyright (c) 2004-2011. By Rev. Lainie Dowell.
The Mountainside Ministries. All rights reserved worldwide.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

She Who Has A Beautiful Heart!

  • Has pierced the veil of glory and glimpsed the beauteous One of all who sits upon the majestic Throne of Glory.
  • Has surrendered her every ounce of self to dwell in the realm of selflessness without regard to none but God.
  • Has lifted up downcast hearts that drew near to her own heart and enabled those hearts to touch the heart of God.
  • Has walked and talked with God in the lonely silences of time and clearly heard Him speak to fill up the empty space.
  • Has covered the wearied souls with a well-chosen word from God and sent them away to live another day.
  • Has slumbered in the good night of Fall and rose anew in Springtime with her same gratitude as for Summer days and Winter frosts.
  • Has understood all the pain emanating from afar off and healed that soul sight unseen to the glory of God alone.
  • Has felt her own heart melting at the sight of a tear-stained face and let it melt.
  • Has drawn near to those places where others have rushed to get away from.
  • Has felt God's hand of rest upon her spirit and rested there in the palm of His mighty hand.
  • Has "kissed the Son" and delighted to know His gentle touch back.
  • Has relished with great joy sharing every part of the Lord that He has imparted to her own spirit.
  • Has wisdom to know that beauty is delighted to share herself with all on her own. But ugly is contented to keep all to herself alone.

  • Copyright (c) 2004 By Rev. Lainie Dowell.
    The Mountainside Ministries. All rights reserved worldwide.

    Going Beyond Beyond

    I will look for you
    beside the footprints pressed down in winter snow
    I will listen for you by the ocean with each eb and flow
    I will wait for you along the path of night
    I will whisper for you in the silent moonlight
    I will search for you among the leaves of fall
    I will reach for you at the moment you call
    I will come to you when the sunlight hides her face
    I will sit for you at your Throne of Grace

    and when this earth
    can no longer see me
    then I will look for you
    my comfort to be

    The Lord Jesus is truly my hiding place.

    In Him is my peace and great joy.

    The cares of this world aid in my journey beyond beyond.

    Jesus helps me to stand under understand.

    He rests me when I become restless.

    He loves me when I feel unlovely and unloveable.

    He guards my heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit in the dark of night on into the bright daylight.

    And, when He appears, His presence reminds me that He is always there even if I should forget to turn and see. But how could I when He is always with me?

    My Lord and my God. He is my Personal Savior and Lord.

    My life is lost in Him. I delight to know Him and to worship at His Throne.

    In 2004, if there is anybody who has yet to know the Lord in the fulness of His great joy and salvation, all they have to do is look up and He will be there looking on preparing them to look and see Him in His beauty.

    I wonder if they know they have enough dirt in them to realize they need a cleansing.

    And I wonder if they will realize how much their stony heart will utterly break at the sight of the beauty of His holiness. I wonder if they know that when they let it break, then Jesus will replace it with a heart of flesh.

    And I wonder this --- how can they breathe God's air and reject His life?

    Your salvation is near.

    God's Autumn Altar

    It was so deeply ingrained in my spirit that I had to know. So I went to the Source of all Knowledge, my spirit looked up to heaven and asked the Lord this ---

    "Lord? Please tell me about this message that rises from deep within my spirit."

    The Message of the Lord God of All! There is a word from heaven! The message that comes from out of the doorway of the Throne Room of God shall bring forth that which your spirit longs to know and yet cannot of itself fathom.

    That altar of God and Autumn? Many desire to know what you know and cannot.More than ever ---The weather changes seasons. And with each brand new season comes the fulfilment of My plan for mankind in all the earth.

    Whether it is known or not known by My people --there is a time and purpose as I have spoken before the foundations were laid.Such is the way of God.

    Without hesitation---let Me forge ahead and divulge the answer to your question.Ah, My beloved daughter of that which remains hidden, I give you access.Come and walk with Me out in the open and let Me shed pure light.Ah!I shall shield your spirit from that brightness.

    Autumn Altar of God! Come near to Me and hear. Come and hear My voice. Come and I shall reveal it unto you.

    Autumn. If it were not for Autumn, there would be no room left to receive of the falling voices of Summertime. Refreshment upon this place called earth can come only through cleansing and clearing away old things that block all of that which has growth potential through the seeds I planted oh so long ago! All who come upon that place and recognize it as an altar wherein My Spirit resides --- ah! --they all can call and hear My answer.

    Can it be they worship at the wrong place? Watch! Watch this! Wherever they worship Me and wherever I appear is that place of renewal. Watch!Autumn allows ---- Watch this ---Autumn allows fresh Words of Heaven to descend upon the earth-- for --I alone Am God! I alone reign supreme in the land. I alone call forth unto My beloved all they need to form a newness in the land.

    With the Autumn Altar in place in the land, there shall I meet up with My child and press into her spirit all of the Worship in the land wherein the land --bows --releases all of itself into My hands --looks to Me for a new turn in the land --listens for Me to go forth and release them -- and then -- Watch this! and then --
    call on Me.

    Autumn is here and I shall go stand by Your altar, Lord, to await Your appearing and look neither to the left nor the right but up into heaven.

    With all My love,
    JESUS! The end.

    Walking Softly in a Sin-filled World

    A place to slow down.
    A time to stop.
    A time to look around.
    A peace-filled heart.
    A brand new start.
    A respite from a sin-filled world.
    A reflection on what God wants.
    A meditation to receive His presence.

    And so it is in Jesus' name.

    Praying as I go, because prayer is my fulltime preoccupation.


    I am named by God to be ~

    -Five-Fold Minister
    -Wearer of the Mantle of The Office of Prophetess
    -Wearer of the Iron Robe
    -Silent Thunder
    -God's Warrior Woman
    -God's Emissary of War


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    Columbia, MD. All rights reserved worldwide.

    Attribution. Request written permission.

    I am Christian.
    "I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."