Friday, April 25, 2008

The God Who Has Glorious Answers

A Prophetic Word
From The God Who Has The Glorious Answers.

There shall be more than enough chances in this life to know that God is truly real.
The earth has survived beyond centuries of traumatic episodes, yet all those who have survived as a witness of God's mercy have failed to understand it is not by man's genius it is so.

Cannot God just wipe it all away with just one wave of His hand and even moreso with but one thought?

Though the tides have turned and the time followed with all its former strengths, God has not allowed any of it to cut short the life of mankind. This is important, because we have to realize the truth of the matter, which is to say that God will not always forebear with mankind.

There are many times more reasons than not to trust that God is real.

Some of these are:

If God is not real, then how does man explain all the order which remains even in the midst of universal chaos?

If God is not real, then why is the moon on its path and the sun is in its orbit, and they have not failed to rise or shine and to be on time season after season?

If the --- oh man thinks he has all the answers but there are questions yet to be asked that are known to God alone.

If "the author and finisher of life," which is God, should ever turn out the light, how much could man find his way to follow Him at His call to them?

But His Light never faileths.

If the mention of the name Jesus has all the earth upset, how does it matter, if they are, when Jesus has all the power?!

If mankind knew God in the Beauty of Holiness, then ought they not fear to sit in the seat of scorners?

These things I have said to be encouragement in times of great uncertainty.

And, yes, the world's evil shall fight to overcome God's beloved.
They know not their fight is in vain --- for they know not the One who has all things in His command to follow Him.

"Blessed are they who have never seen but believe." The end.

In the midst of ungodly attempts to shut the mouths and spirits of God's beloved who discern His own voice, the steadfastness of God is what we need most to be certain of, as we continue on our day-to-day, pilgrim journey.

May you be comforted and encouraged to know that not everybody will understand or want to walk with you along the way. Nor can they do so. May you be greatly encouraged and comforted today to know that God's work is revealed in those whom He has ignited the flame within that shall neither flicker, fail, nor faint but only grow brighter, as He alone heats up the trials, tests, persecutions, etc., which help His own beloved to grow deeper and yet higher in the Lord.
Supernatural Realm Living Is Here! Fear not.
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The Mountainside Ministries. Columbia, MD.
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Received Tuesday, March 18, 2008, 7:58 A.M. EST.

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