Saturday, April 09, 2005

Touching Heaven Gently Touching

Sometimes it seems to me as though the world's pundits and media believe it is they who make the world go 'round. Notice how with the recent death of Pope John Paul II, more media types are not cringing when their guests invoke the name Jesus during their online interview. In fact, most behave as if they had never known anything about Him -- as though the gospel lay dormant and only just became live and real to them and to everybody else. Not so.

Over the years, I have observed how the media and even many believers discredit the protestant ministers and extoled the virtues of Catholic Priests. When they want a "credible" word about faith, they seek out the "Father" and overlook and disregard the "Pastor." Is it my imagination? I do not think so.

To me it is like when I have to proceed in a court case pro se (on my own) against trained attorneys and they are the ones who have the "credibility" to stand before the bar of justice and are listened to for that reason. But, on the other hand, they can mess up a case and still be recommended over the pro se. You know what? This is not how God's children walk. "We walk by faith and not by sight." And, when we remain with our eyes on the Lord's face before us, then His wisdom and guidance leads us far beyond anything we never knew possible. Understand?

Touching heaven gently touching? When we touch heaven, then heaven gently touches us back. Thank God for Jesus! Have a blessed day!

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