Thursday, November 03, 2005

Push My Boat Afloat

Deep Whisperings . . . Survivors of Katrina
And In Memory of All Who Did Not

Push my boat afloat, Lord God.
It has become bogged down in the muck
and mire of life's byways and highways,
twisted trails, and those crooked pathways.

It lies somewhere off the beaten path where the
once sturdy and strong structures have collapsed
that had withstood but could not stand under the
weight of the storms.

Lord, I am not asking for a sail.
My boat cannot float.
It is stuck -- surrounded by the debris in dark,
muddy waters.

Closed off from the cool, clear,
crystal streams of glory.

It is choked.
In a struggle for air.
Fresh air.

But, Lord, if you would but send forth
just a puff of wind, I know that my boat
will no longer need to float.

It will lift off and sail far above that rubble.
And that one puff of Your wind will surely
keep my boat afloat, as it winds its way to
Your Thone.

Beloved, in the same way that Paul admonished, if you are
struggling in deep waters trying to make it in on bits and
broken pieces, then you can go a long ways on a puff of air.

When God is the One who puffs, just hold on to the bits and
broken pieces.

Your puffing will wear you out.
God's puffing will rejuvenate you.

And all God's children said, "Amen!"

Copyright (c) 2005. Rev. Lainie Dowell.
The Mountainside Ministries. Columbia, MD.
All rights reserved worldwide.
Rec'd Thurs., Nov. 3, 2005, 11:49 A.M. EST.

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