Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Lord's Solitude Is Good

Sometimes you can't tell a rabbit from a hare.
Sometimes you can't tell a turtle from a tortoise.
But, you can always tell a sheep from a goat.

Very telling is it not?

How red and white and black and yellow
have not yet learned to come together as
a community, but they can all rush to
assemble as a mob?

If I close my mind and open my eyes,
I will still be blind and not see.

Norms have a way of settling what is
and what is not appropriate for a society,
which claims to be civilized.

If I close my mind and open my mouth,
I will still be unable to utter a
sound statement.

Am I imprisoned by my own skin?
Locked into the confines of the past?
Pressed by today?
Pushed by yesterday?
Pulled by tomorrow?

Lord? Must breakout wait for yet another day?

Copyright (c) 2010 By Rev. Lainie Dowell.
The Mountainside Ministries. All rights reserved worldwide.
Received Saturday, January 16, 2010, 2:41 p.m.

Praying as I go, because prayer is my fulltime preoccupation.


I am named by God to be ~

-Five-Fold Minister
-Wearer of the Mantle of The Office of Prophetess
-Wearer of the Iron Robe
-Silent Thunder
-God's Warrior Woman
-God's Emissary of War


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