Friday, March 26, 2010


Take a walk with Me by the side of this ocean.
Gaze upon the rippling waves with the ocean's
spraying forth the whole Word in their spray.

The walk in the midst of the falling rain.

Dear Lord, What is it like to walk in the falling
rain with You?

There is a time to seek shelter.
And, then, there is a time to move out with
abandon to go forth in the rain.

In times of the down pour, sprinkling seems like a relief.
The down pour brings with it the soaking to the bone.

Clothes stick to your body.
Hair sticks to your body.
Raindrops refuse to let go of you.

All the while, you know there is a shelter from the
storms of life.

And, all the while, you seem unable to reach that shelter
in time to not get drenched.

That would be true, if you did not have the One who
covers your being, totally.

So, when it pours, LET IT!

When the rains refuse to cease,
And the sun hides behind the clouds.
And when the evening would --
Oh would -- bring no relief to the day.
Come unto Me, saith the Lord!
And I will cover you in the shelter of
My arms.

Wet and worn from the stormy day.
Comforted in the midst of down pouring rain.
And, in that very moment --

The rain disappears.
The skin is dry once more.
The hair is back in place.
The warm sun shines on into the night
And moves aside the cold light of the moon.

And, in those worst of times?
Would you like to know why?
Yes, Lord. Please tell me why that is.

Well, My darling daughter!
That is because I had the sun within the palm
of one hand and I held you in the other.

And, when I put both hands together
The sun enveloped you fully.
And all of the artificial light took on new life
And carried you along in the streams of a
brand new formed day just for you.

Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.

Well, My child, carry the light where you go
and rest in it when the rains begin to pour.
And fret no more.

For it is all in My hands.
And you are, too.

Your Heavenly Father, Jesus.

Copyright (c) 2007 Rev. Lainie Dowell.
The Mountainside Ministries. All rights reserved worldwide.

Praying as I go, because prayer is my fulltime preoccupation.


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