Monday, March 22, 2010

The Snowfall of God in the Earth

Lord? How does the snow falling to the earth sound?

In the earth, cold crystals descend from above the earth.
The weather is a symbol for the way the Lord Jesus will come.

In the summertime -- The weather is so hot.
In the springtime -- The weather is moderate.
In the autumn -- The weather is so beautiful.
In the wintertime -- Frosty weather calls forth the other
effects of the cold.

Then there is never any doubt that God has provided every
contingency to meet our needs.

Then it would be evident that man must have shelter,
and the shelter must be strong.

The stronger that shelter --
The firmer you would be sustained against every element
whether hot, warm, or cold.

In the time of the Lord's return, no one knows the forecast
but the Father in Heaven.

Oh but when He speaks to call it forth --
The Lord shall break through whatever that may be.

Fog, drizzle, hazy, wet, dry, damp, hurricane, tornado,
and even cold snow.

For, when He appears --
Every windy gale shall move aside.
Every hardened --
Every month of the year shall become one.
Every day and every hour shall become one in
the same instant.

And, in the time of the snowfall.
And, in the time of the snowfall.
And in the time of the snowfall.

There and then.
Then and there would it be ---

So fluffy.
So light.
So --- snow.
So shall it snow.
So shall it be.

Copyright (c) 2007 Rev. Lainie Dowell.
The Mountainside Ministries. All rights reserved worldwide.

Praying as I go, because prayer is my fulltime preoccupation.


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