Wednesday, October 20, 2004

My Heart Cries But My Eyes Are Dry!

By Rev. Lainie Dowell

Spiritual hearts unite in spirit where unseen forces gather far from earth yet near to us who live on the earth.

God of all creation, I am watching the downfall of all that is decent and
honest and Godly.

My heart cries but my eyes are dry!
There is no more moisture to squeeze from between my eyelids.

Why cry for this decaying plane?
Why weep for those who love their wickedness all the same?

You wept on their behalf and they rejected even Your tear.
Your heart broke because of their stiff necks and they still refused to stop to hear.

Greater poets have tried to recapture that moment of pain and set it in stone for those who remain to have as an example of what not to do when You stop by.

But others have come by,
picked up the stones,
and flung them into the far outer reaches
of space and sky.

My heart cries but my eyes are dry!
My heart cannot retrieve the stones.
But their contents continue to flood the earth and wash over this,
Thy servant, alone, even from her birth.

Yet and still my heart cries, but my eyes are dry!

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Praying as I go, because prayer is my fulltime preoccupation.


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-Wearer of the Iron Robe
-Silent Thunder
-God's Warrior Woman
-God's Emissary of War


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