Saturday, October 23, 2004

A Sacred Flood of Forever Blood

We put Him in the ground, but He was not made of dirt.
We shamed the earth, because we are dirty.

Never had such a man stepped upon this road of life that
we call human who was human and who was, is, and
forevermore shall be God.

Never would we know Him as He is known,
because we rejected what He came to give and not sell.

I wonder if we knew we could never, ever meet the price?

How thankless!
To give hate for love and death for life, and
To neither open our eyes
to look and see nor our ears
To listen and hear.

I wonder if we could have heard--
Would we have heard?

Wretched is far too kind a word, as we decay daily having
failed to reach out beyond ourselves for our own selfish need
to install a heavenly king on a crumbling earthly throne.

We put Him in the ground, but he was without sin and blameless.
We watched as He was dragged all through life.
We stood aside lest we would be noticed and called to take His place.

I wonder if we even knew none but He could pay our debt?
I wonder if we knew or have ever known we had a debt?

Jesus paid the price. "How nice," I thought I heard you say.
I wonder if we understood the cost until this very day?

Gracious God, My Lord,
shall I get a mop to wipe the blood away?

"Oh no, my darling child.
That blood is
there to stay."

Praying as I go, because prayer is my fulltime preoccupation.


I am named by God to be ~

-Five-Fold Minister
-Wearer of the Mantle of The Office of Prophetess
-Wearer of the Iron Robe
-Silent Thunder
-God's Warrior Woman
-God's Emissary of War


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