Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Lord, Awaken My Senses Anew

Lord, awaken my senses anew that had long since been smothered by generational, traditional, functional, and nonsensical whims of humankind. Heighten the depth of Your mysteries that linger near to the surface of my frailness. Plunge the harshness of sin from my soul. Flush the scent of flesh from my spirit. Gather the smallness of my body unto Your greatness.

O Holy Spirit, it is my soul that longs for refreshment. That calls out for Your presence. That searches to see Your face. That longs to hear Your voice. That watches to keep watch. That knows You alone are God. That seeks to know none other but You.

And, Lord, O Lord.

How can I get past those whose minds have been filled with knowledge from books written by men and women who, themselves, read those books and forgot they had adopted those words which were not dispensed by Your mouth to their ears? So many minds are delving into the deepness of life and every now and then come up with gems yet to be unearthed. Ah! Well. But if those gems were that sturdy, then where would the need be to unearth more?

Grant it, Lord God. May the universe open up wide and unleash the fresh fragrances of that supernatural(ness) that comes from You alone. O may my spirit unite with like spirits to glorify You in the midst of dark times. May that unity uplift us such that when we are turned aside from praising You before the masses even they would be lifted just through close proximity to us. Let them come! Let them draw nigh! Let them come one way and go back another, Lord. Send them. Bring them. Run them into our direction so that we can turn them to Your presence and Your salvation.

Rejoice our hearts, dear Lord. Calm our weariness when none wants to hear about You. Break forth the new newness upon us. O Lord. Shine. Shine. Shine. all in our souls. In Jesus's name. AMEN.

Copyright (c) 2004. Rev. Rev. Lainie Dowell.
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